Hard Drives – Internal & External


Logical failures: $180 (no data, no fee)

Hardware failures (non-clean room):  $550 (no data, no fee)

Hardware failures (complex failure / requiring clean room): $990 which consists of a $495 attempt fee (non-refundable, must be paid upfront) + $495 success fee (no data, no fee)

It is generally accepted in the data recovery industry that most or all data can be recovered from 90% of failed hard drives.

How do you tell the if it is hardware or logical failure?

Hard drives do emit a number of spinning and clicking sounds while operating, normally these sounds are not rhythmic and consistent once the hard drive has fully started, however if you can hear a consistent sound coming from the hard drive long after the computer has been turned on, something like “Shhh CLICK…Shhh CLICK…Shhh CLICK” or “Click click…click click…click click” then this means the hard drive is suffering from an internal hardware failure, not a logical error, and in some cases this may require a clean room recovery.

What is a logical error? You might detect a logical error when you can no longer access one or more files from your hard drive that you previously were able to, or you turn your PC on, and it says there is no operating system, or on a Mac you are greeted with the floppy disk with a question mark “?”. These are all signs that your hard drive is failing or has failed, if you cannot hear any of the noises mentioned above then there is a very good chance we can recover most if not all of your data.

Solid State Drives are covered under the same pricing structure.