How to get the Best from your Computer Doctor

  • Felice 

Wouldn’t it be cool if your body could give you error messages like computers do.

Error 234: Stone found in Left Kidney.

It would save heaps of time at the Doctors, figuring out what is wrong. Wouldn’t it?

Don’t lose that benefit when you receive a Error Message on your Computer.

We understand computer messages can be really confusing for non-technical people.

But if you are having problems with your computer and are asking for help from your IT Support person, these error messages will help them find the problem a lot sooner (& save you billed hours in the end).

So rather then give your IT Support vague descriptions of the problem, that is not easy to duplicate, like “the computer occasionally crashes” & “I get an error and it closes the email”, just take a photo of the Error Message with your smart phone (with the flash off), and send it to them.

This will give your IT Support a head start, even possibly a flying start, on identifing & fixing the underlying issue.

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