How to update Your Chrome Browser

  • Felice 

It is important to not only keep your Windows Software updated, (to ensure you have the latest security patches to keep you safe online), but you should also keep your preferred in Internet Browser updated to the latest version for the same reason.

In the last couple of days Google has informed us of a vulnerability of their Internet Browser Chrome. In particular for those still using Windows 7, and have released a patch.

How to update Chrome on your Desktop

1. Open Your Chrome Browser

2. Click on the More button – i.e. the 3 dots in the top right corner of the application.

This is Google Chrome's menu

3. Click or hover over the “Help” option, which will bring up it’s sub-menu.

4. Click on “About Google Chrome”.

Navigating to the About Google Chrome page from the menu.

5. The “About Chrome” page will tell you if you have the latest version, or if you need to upgrade.

6. Follow the prompts to upgrade, if required.

If you have the correct version it will say "Google Chrome is up to date".

How to Update Chrome on your Phone or Tablet

This one is a little easier.

Like any other App updates, they can be done via your Google Play Store for Android devices, or the App Store for Apple devices.

Happy Internet-ing 🙂

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