Photos in Facebook to be made public – Viral Post

  • Felice 
Facebook uses Photos Against you

Have you seen Facebook posts in your newsfeed telling you that your photos will become public tomorrow, and can be used in court cases against you?

Well don’t worry, because it is a load of hogwash!

First, here is the viral post that going around:

Viral Facebook post that starts "Don't forget tomorrow starts the new Facebook rule where they can use your photos"

What you need to know

No, Facebook are NOT making all your photos public tomorrow.

They wouldn’t do this, because they would lose a lot of users. Plus if they did, they would be required to inform each user of the change before hand. Giving everyone an opportunity to remove photos they wouldn’t want made public.

But we don’t have to worry, because they aren’t doing this.

Additionally, sharing this post with some legal looking jargon wouldn’t protect you in anyway.

The Facebook platform is owned by them (Facebook), and we haven’t paid any money to use it. So Facebook have a right to change the rules at anytime. But! As mentioned above they have a duty to inform their users of the change.

So don’t share this viral post. Not even as a “just in case”. As you are only sharing someone’s stupid joke 🙁

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