SCAM: ATO Phone Call claiming you owe Money and will be arrested

  • Felice 

Don’t be fooled by Scammers who claim you owe money to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

These Scammers are phoning or leaving a messages, telling potential victims that they owe money to the ATO, and they need to pay now or will be arrested.

The obvious indicator that this is a scam is they will ask you to pay by an unusual method (for the ATO). Including with iTunes vouchers, other Gift Cards, via Western Union, even Bitcoin.

Not only with the ATO NOT ask you to pay by these methods they would have given you plenty of warning before hand if there was a possibility of arrest.

Remember Scammers will say anything to get you to pay (including have someone pretend to be your accountant), and as soon as they mention iTunes or any other vouchers/gift cards, hang up.


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