Something to be aware of with Tablet Laptops

It is wonderful that technology is moving fast giving us lots of cheaper high tech options today, than what we had 10 years ago. But it does mean that we also have to keep up our knowledge, to know what we are purchasing.

Take for example mini Laptops that double up as a Tablet, (like chromebooks, 2in1 laptops and laptop tablet hybrids ), that we can buy for under $500 these days.

These Mini Laptop Tablets are really fantastic for their portability and ability to run multiple apps, like Microsoft Office. Taking Tablets to the next stage of usefulness.

But these Mini Laptop Tablets have the same problem as normal Tablets, where it is either expensive or not possible to repair hardware issues.

Where normal size Laptops are less expensive to fix, and easier than Tablets to find and install replacement parts.

So what does that mean for those who already have a Mini Laptop Tablet?

Firstly for those who already have a Mini Laptop Tablet, make the most of your investment and take care of it. Don’t be rough with it, so it lasts you more than a couple of years.

Secondly, back up your stuff regularly to a USB Stick or External Hard Drive.

Yes, as a Data Recovery Specialist we can still recover data from a Mini Laptop Tablet, with about the same chances of getting all the data back, as a USB Stick or External Hard Drive.

But the biggest difference is the cost!

To fit all the parts into a Mini Laptop Tablet case, the Hard Drive (SSD) is soldered onto the Motherboard, (along with other stuff), making a Data Recovery complex, and costing nearly $990 to recover, with $495 of that non-refundable if no data was recoverable. (See our Complex Faulty Recovery Fee for more details).

Where the cost of Data Recoveries from External Hard Drives and USB Flash Drives, range from $100 – $990.

Yes Data Recoveries for External Hard Drives can also turn into a Complex Data Recovery. But! Only in dire circumstances would you need to go ahead with this, in this scenerio (i.e When the Mini Laptop Tablet has died, and the External Hard Drive you were backing it up to died as well).

So take care of your Mini Laptop Tablets and be sure to back them up regularly. If you need help with this, give us a call on 0422 616 016.

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